I created a test company using a second tenant.  I allowed the system to use the default framework during installation (My mistake).  I then created a new company in order and actually copied the GP tables from on instance to another.  Everything seemed to be working fine when I started getting the error  “A get/change operation on table GL_account_MSTR failed accessing SQL data”  clicking on the details button it also gave me Number of results columns doesnt match table definition.  After doing some research the one thing that stood out was there may by table differences.  That wasn’t it.  Turns out that the account definition was off by one segment and the segment length was off as the original instance had a length of 10 for all segments.  I edited the table (Found in the Dynamics database) to match the other.  Still got the error.  Then I noticed a table  SY003001 which is the account definition header.  It stores that maximum account number and maximum segments.  I edited it to match the original.  In a miracle, it worked.

I would also recommend that you edit your dex.ini file line  to Synchronize=TRUE.  This will make sure that the system synchronizes the account framework.  This file can be found in a typical environment at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2018\Data\dex.ini.


Hope this helps!