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Trained as an Accountant and has the certification as CPA. Discovered computerized accounting in 1989 with Great Plains Accounting and has grown up with Dynamics GP for 25 years.

Upgrade Issues When Upgrading To Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2

When I was upgrading to GP 2018 R2 I received an error.  The error was: "The stored procedure SynchronizeTableData() of form duSQLAccountSynch : 27Pass Through SQL returned the following results: DBMS: 2601, Microsoft Dynamics GP: 0." I searched online and did not find anything about it for GP 2018.  I did find this article which helped me find the errors one at a time. https://community.dynamics.com/gp/b/dynamicsgp/archive/2015/06/10/draft-known-upgrade-issues-when-upgrading-to-microsoft-dynamics-gp-2015-r2?pi62366=4 Thank you Sarah Purdy for the article! By creating a dexsql.log, you can see what table is causing your problem.  Here is the link on how to start one.  Note that the log file will be in the same directory as the dex.ini [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics – Year end closing

This blog is the year end closing process for Dynamics GP. A common question asked by many! Payroll year-end procedures are independent from the other modules and are always performed at the end of the calendar year. Some modules such as Inventory and Fixed Assets should be closed at the end of the fiscal year BEFORE posting transactions in the next fiscal year. When these modules are closed, the dates the transactions were completed are not used in determining if they are part of the close, rather the closing processing will include anything that is posted since the last close was completed. With regards to the Receivables and [...]

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How to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP

  How can you use Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to improve your business and help drive your company towards success? Well, it is fairly simple! This program is designed to be easy to use, so you can enhance your company without any hassles! What Can It Do For You? Microsoft Dynamics GP is a highly customizable program that is designed to grow alongside you and your company while providing you a number of different features to help you run your business! Some of the features it provides include sales, customer service, human resources, payroll, financial management, inventory management, business intelligence, accounting, operations, reporting, and much more! Basically, [...]

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft dynamics GP is a program designed to assist small to medium sized companies with enterprise resource planning. This program allows you to have a greater amount of control over many different kinds of aspects of your company such as your operations, your inventory, and your finances. The best part is the fact that it is very easy to use! Operations When you are trying to run a successful company, it is very important to keep into mind a wide range of things regarding your operations. You need to keep into mind what your employees are doing, what you are producing, and how effectively your business is running. [...]

Microsoft Dynamic GP Manufacturing Features That Your Company Needs Most

One of the biggest issues in Manufacturing businesses is the lack of agility and efficiency. Like every other line of business, manufacturing greatly needs optimization in all the aspects of business, such as supply chains, financial management, materials management, among others. As an experienced business consulting firm, at ERP Consulting LLC, we have helped companies overcome these issues by implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP as an ERP Solution. The best thing about Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it comes in modules that are specially designed for every aspect and type of businesses. For example, in the manufacturing department, it offers comprehensive and powerful major features and add-ons that address [...]

All about Landed Cost Formula

Just how much are you spending on importation? Is it worth it? Starting a manufacturing or retail business can be tricky. You need to consider where you source your raw material supplies (manufacturing) and ready-for-sale products (retail). Clients who source materials from a different part of the globe are called Importers. They may experience miscalculation of pricing of goods the first time around because of improper cost accounting. As an importer, you should know that the cost of materials you buy is not the only amount you pay. There are other charges you may not know of yet. This is where the Landed Cost Formula comes in. What [...]

5 Advantages of ERP Software

If you want an all-in-one software for all workflow across your business’ departments, ERP Software Systems is definitely the solution for you! Whether you import raw materials (manufacturing) or retail products from abroad, your company will surely be better off with ERP solutions. Here are the reasons why:Integration to a Single Software Application. All the processes in all departments like Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Logistics, and Marketing/Sales will be shown to you on one screen. Easy Functions. You will be able to check orders, track inventory, see improvements in revenues and sales, and more. This is especially important to import and export clients who need to always be [...]

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Fundamental Costs of Start-up Business

The country’s economy today heavily relies on various corporations, partnerships and sole proprietors. Owners, partners, directors and stockholders of these business establishments and the government practice a mutual relationship. These businessmen provide employment and basic needs of the community’s citizen while the government protects their businesses through passing statutes which regulate the mechanism of trade. Hence, every business idea will be useful to the community and to the entrepreneur who earns money through that idea. Also, businesses are essential in the country’s economic survival. Despite these benefits and advantages, not all business ideas become applied and come into existence. No matter how novel and noble an idea is, [...]

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Why there’s a Need to have a Mission and a Vision in Businesses?

The terms “Mission” and “Vision” are no longer new to us. Probably, we have first encountered these words in grade school where we were initially introduced to a formal organization or institution. Until today, when we have already been visited or worked at various institutions or companies, we might have still continued knowing their mission and vision statements. But have you ever asked yourself why they have these kinds of statements? Why does every organization need to have lines painted on the walls of their office buildings or printed in every formal document they submit or file? If you have attended business school, you could answer their difference [...]

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Steps to Pricing Your Imported Items

Distributors and manufacturers deal with landed cost every day. The Business Dictionary defines landed cost as “the total cost of a landed shipment including purchase price, freight, insurance, and other costs up to the port of destination.” Landed cost may also include other taxes involved in the shipment such as customs duties and VAT. Landed cost is an important factor in coming up with a pricing strategy for products manufactured. It is crucial for companies who import goods for distribution or raw materials for product manufacturing to understand how much landed cost is or how it should be calculated in order to gauge profitability and pricing margins. Here [...]

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