Keeping Up with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Starting a business is not a piece of cake. The same goes for ensuring the business gains traction upward as soon as it is put in place. There are so many things to worry about aside from target sales are reached – there’s all the finance aspects you need to keep track of (employees’ wages, budget, operational expenses, etc.), inventory of products and services, customer support, payroll, and so many more. In order for new businesses to grow, they need a tool that will aid them in various aspects of operations. ERP Consulting LLC recommends the use of the Microsoft Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio. Microsoft Dynamics GP [...]

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Does Your Business Need ERP Software? (Part II)

Because having the need to assess the performance of our business is a must, ERP Consulting LLC, an expert of utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, wants to share with you additional warning signs if your business processes are in need of a quality and reliable ERP software. So without any further ado, here are more signs and symptoms if your business needs ERP Software. Impressing the customers are now almost impossible A growing business is the dream of every business owner alive but when the company grows, it will be harder to reach out to the needs of each and every one of the trade’s customers. [...]

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Does Your Business Need ERP Software? (Part I)

Now that your business is growing and many people rely on you for employment, different kinds of problems start to emerge. Rather than being solid figures, the forecasts of your sales will be more inclined to your instincts and guesses. The order volumes coming in and items going out to be delivered seem annoyingly endless. Your warehouse looks more of like a junkyard and you do not have any clue and do not want to have an idea about the quantity of your inventory. If you have lost most of your sleep and peace of mind trying to figure out what is wrong with your system, then you [...]

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Technical Support: Why Is It Beneficial for Businesses?

A business can’t be called a business when there’s no product/service offered to the customers. Every business should have something to offer to the customers to operate and legally call it a business. But, what if your products, particularly those technical-related products, get into trouble? Who’ll face and help your customers? Will you just leave them alone since you already got their payment? You, and all business owners, shouldn’t leave customers behind, as they’re one of the keys to your success and they can provide a big impact to your business’s reputation. This is where the importance of having a technical support team comes in. Every business requires [...]

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Businesses and ERP

Businesses like ERP Consulting LLC, an expert on Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, have become a great help for organizations wishing to adopt an ERP system. What is ERP and why are organizations very eager about it? The Typical Process In a typical business operation, when a customer calls for an order, it first goes thru the sales department, which then checks the inventory for product availability.  If no product is available, it will contact the production department, which would check the inventory for the materials and buy the unavailable materials from a third party vendor. When the product is finished, the sales department will then deliver the [...]

4 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic GP’s Collection Management

Collections can be a really tedious process and, when mishandled, can cause a major financial trouble. Good thing, Microsoft Dynamics GP, a solution that we, at ERP Consulting LLC, a company that implements Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, has a feature called Collections Management, a tool that will streamline collection process and reports. Here are some of the ways your company can benefit from the Collection Management system: 1. Decrease DSO Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a necessary statistic in determining your Accounts Receivable, the money debtors owe you. DSO determines your sales and how fast you get paid for it, therefore it’s a way to know how [...]

How to enter a wire transfer in Dynamics GP

Go ahead and perform the wire transfer thru your bank.  Then in GP use the manual check entry.  After entering the date and vendor id select payment method of Cash.  Enter the checkbook .  After entering the amount you can click on the apply button and apply this payment against the invoice it is paying that is already in the system.

How to correct costs on Key2Act jobs

To correct postings to jobs in Key2Act job cost you will use the GL General Journal entry. You can use this to add costs to jobs, transfer from one to another or to remove the cost from the job. 1) To add a cost to a job – When you get to the product indicator select job cost then the job and cost code. A debit will increase the cost to the job. You will then select unbilled for the second line and select the GL account that the transaction had been posted. Probably would be a cost of goods sold or subcontractor. 2) To transfer a cost [...]

Highlights of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP, the solution we promote here, at ERP Consulting LLC, a trusted consultancy firm that implements Microsoft Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, is an accounting software and ERP solution that is designed to meet the needs of companies, especially the small and medium scales, to make their systems more efficient and help their business grow successfully. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps improve every aspect of your business, including financial management, supply chain management, reports, smart decision-making processes, and more. Microsoft Dynamics GP is packed with features, familiar and new, that meets all the needs of your business to grow and improve and that is why we, at [...]