The Business Owner’s Guide for Replacing Accounting Software

Know the signs—is outdated accounting software putting your business at risk? Replacing accounting software can be easier and more affordable that many people think. Download the free Business Owner's Guide to Replacing Accounting Software. #Microsoft #Technology #IT #BusinessAutomation #accounting #MSDyn365

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The NQCranes Story—Game Changing Microsoft Cloud ERP

When you do something right, your employees will let you know. Here's what NQCranes heard from administrators, technicians, and managers when they migrated to a Microsoft cloud-based ERP system. Watch now: #Microsoft #Technology #IT #BusinessAutomation #cloud #ERP

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Customer Story: NQ Cranes customers come first with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Out-of-the-box business process automation is making a huge difference for customers. Watch how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central puts your customers in the limelight—where they belong! Watch now: #Microsoft #Technology #IT #BusinessAutomation

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Customer story: See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabled NQ Cranes to bridge the gap between departments

Watch this 28-second video to get a 10,000-foot view on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects businesses, enables smarter decisions, and helps foster growth. For NQ Cranes it was a game changer. #Microsoft #Technology #IT

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Sales Engagement – The Definitive Guide

What makes sales engagement technologies different from other "new innovations" when it comes to adopting them for your business? This biggest difference is that sales reps are actually happy to use them. Unlike past technologies that were more of a chore for reps, simply providing data to higher ups, sales engagement technology, like Dynamics 365, adds value directly to the tasks sales reps perform throughout the day: from identifying new prospects to deepening relationships with current customers. Invest in a technology that your sales reps will actually use and will provide a ROI for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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Customer Story: Park Place Technologies builds personal relationships to drive global sales

How does Park Place Technologies maintain an 97% customer satisfaction rate? According to them, it's all about building strong, genuine relationships with their customers. A huge component of this relationship building process is Dynamics 365. By understanding their prospective customers holistically and tracking all past interactions, sales reps can make more confident and meaningful calls to their prospects, increasing the quality and ROI of conversations. At ERP Consulting LLC, we want to help you give your sales reps the tools to succeed. Contact us to learn more.

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Unlocking Future Potential with Dynamics 365 and Power BI

In order to become one of the top 20 shared service organizations in the world, Celestica needed to become one cohesive unit of unified goals, motivated workers, efficient operations, and deep customer relationships. To achieve these outcomes, Celestica used Dynamics 365 and Power BI. Dynamics 365 provided a single, integrated system throughout their organization and Power BI helped them visualize the results of operations--both within their own company and for their customers. Arm yourself with the best possible tools and let your business do the rest. There is no telling what you'll achieve. Contact us to learn more.

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Map to your customers’ sales expectations

80% of customers will expect personalized sales by 2020, making it less of a luxury and more of a requirement. Unfortunately, this is at odds with most business sales structures as 10 people on average are involved with a sales decision. How can customers still receive personalized sales guidance when they are talking with multiple sales reps juggling numerous teams? Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional tracks all customer interactions so no matter who is talking to them, they can deliver a personal experience, armed with the knowledge they need. Learn how to tackle this and other challenges in this infographic.

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