Today, there are a number of ERP software available in the market. However, to promote your business’ growth and efficiency, it is imperative that you choose the best ERP solution that will provide you and your employees with features and functionalities that altogether brings in productivity and company growth. That is the kind of business solution provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP, an ERP Solution we implement for our clients at ERP Consulting LLC, a reliable consultancy firm that implements Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio. Here are some of the features that makes Microsoft Dynamics GP better than most of its competitors.

Variety of Deployment Options

Unlike most ERP solutions that only offer one deployment option, which is not very appropriate for a growing or constantly changing company, Microsoft Dynamics GP will let you control your deployment options and data. You can decide between running your system in an on-demand environment or on-premise, and even a combination of the two. Furthermore, you can decide to change the deployment option of your choice any time, bringing your data with you, if your business requires it.

Comes with More Powerful Functionalities

Compared to other ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP has almost all of the applications needed by companies for them to have a great advantage. These applications include Payroll, Budgeting, Fixed Assets, Manufacturing, Project Costing, and Multi-National Accounting.

Complete with Customization Tools

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you a wide range of customization options, beginning from end-user customization to system integration and customization, unlike other ERP solutions that will disable you from controlling neither the software nor your data.


Microsoft Dynamics GP has a familiar design that is similar to and works like other Microsoft Office applications, such as Outlook, Word, and Excel. This will enable the users to be comfortable and familiar with the software, increasing the rate of their adaption to the new system and reducing training time and expenses.

Larger Number of Certified Partners

Unlike most of its competitors, Microsoft Dynamics GP has more than 2,000 implementation partners worldwide, including us, at ERP Consulting LLC, a trusted firm that implements Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, so you can be sure that you will have the quick and quality support you need before, during, and after the ERP deployment.

Those are just some of the things that gives Microsoft Dynamics an edge over any other ERP solutions. If you are looking for a company that implements Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, look no further than ERP Consulting LLC and we will surely give you the support you need. Call us at 614-207-1782.

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