Businesses like ERP Consulting LLC, an expert on Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio, have become a great help for organizations wishing to adopt an ERP system. What is ERP and why are organizations very eager about it?

The Typical Process
In a typical business operation, when a customer calls for an order, it first goes thru the sales department, which then checks the inventory for product availability.  If no product is available, it will contact the production department, which would check the inventory for the materials and buy the unavailable materials from a third party vendor. When the product is finished, the sales department will then deliver the product to the customer. After the transaction is done, all the financial reports of the sales department and production department will then be submitted to the finance department for records of sales and expenses. It is a long and complicated process, which is also prone to errors and miscommunication between departments.

What is ERP?
ERP helps eliminated all these problems and gives your business an easy and smooth flow of operation.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a system, which manages the information of your business in a centralized manner. It integrates units of your business needed in the operation, which are product planning, manufacturing, marketing, inventory management, and shipping and payment.  Also, all the information goes through the system in a (or nearly) real-time basis thus avoiding data duplication and provides accurate information to all departments.

How does ERP work?
So, how would a business using an ERP system work?

When a customer calls for an order, sales department will just check the real-time information stored in the centralized system and can inform the customer whether the product is available or not.  And since all the departments have access to the centralized system, unavailable products can be manufactured faster which can lead to increase in sales and improved customer relations.

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