One of the biggest issues in Manufacturing businesses is the lack of agility and efficiency. Like every other line of business, manufacturing greatly needs optimization in all the aspects of business, such as supply chains, financial management, materials management, among others. As an experienced business consulting firm, at ERP Consulting LLC, we have helped companies overcome these issues by implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP as an ERP Solution. The best thing about Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it comes in modules that are specially designed for every aspect and type of businesses. For example, in the manufacturing department, it offers comprehensive and powerful major features and add-ons that address and eliminates issues and inefficiencies and provides automation in transactions, including:

  • Manufacturing Order Processing

    It’s one of the core features of the manufacturing module and streamlines the entire process of manufacturing. This function determines the many alternate assembly routes that are available for every manufactured item. To make the process accurate, it also enables easier tracking of production, machinery, and detailed labor information, such as skills, work hours, schedule, and shifts.

  • Sales Forecasting and Configuration

    With this feature, you will be able to look back on the sales from the previous years for reference as well as a request for a sales forecast for a certain period of time in the future. This helps you understand whether or not there is a need for some changes in a certain department for the company’s continuous growth. The sales configuration function also provides amazing features, such as simplifying order process, enhance quoting and shipping of products, calculating total costs of every sold product, and estimating the completion date of every order.

  • Financial Management

    One of the biggest issues that businesses face is inefficiency in financial management. Microsoft Dynamics GP overcomes this by automating processes. It automates every transaction process as well as payment adjustments for increased productivity. You can create budget templates as many times as you need and improve your financial and audit control.

  • BOM

    Every finished product requires an active Manufacturing, Engineering, and Archived Bill of Materials. This feature lets you easily make changes and updates on the BOMs, as well as make alter revision levels and record their history for future reference. On top of all that, the software will also make a comprehensive analysis of finance, sales, and purchases, make complete and real-time reports, and simplify the management of payables and receivables.

  • Inventory

    The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP also provides an inventory all-in-one viewer where you can access and view all the inventory information you need, such as quantity in, quantity moved, and quantity out. You will be able to see where a certain quantity is sent to or received from, along with extensive details about the transactions.

  • Job Costing

    This helps make finance management efficient by spotting unreasonable cost contributors and variances and eliminate duplicate entries in the system that could possibly lead to errors in the future. Other than that, it also makes capturing job costs automated for enhanced efficiency.

Manufacturing can be really challenging and complex but with the speed and efficiency that Microsoft Dynamics GP provide, all tasks can be simplified and streamlined. You will have the ability to automate the major processes and transactions and retrieve all the information you need to make business decisions in complete detail. If you want outstanding business solutions to overcome inefficiency in your company and grow your business, ERP Consulting LLC has a team of professional consultants that are experienced in implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP in Pataskala Ohio to help you. Let’s begin the process of achieving your massive business success by calling us at 740-951-0220.

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