Questions on using microsoft dynamics gp and printing the 1095-c

Microsoft has updated Dynamics GP with the ability to print the Form 1095-C. It was first introduced in 2013 and updates have been included in each year’s Year End Update service pack.

It is important to keep your Dynamics GP updated at year end to properly populate the fields necessary to print these forms. After you perform year end closing the data is ready to print. You will find the 1095-C printing on the same screen you print W-2 forms. Like the W-2 information, you can also edit your 1095-C information after it is created. The below image shows the path and forms to the edit function. A warning, if you edit the information but then reopen and reclose the year end file, your edited changes will be lost.

Editing W-2 and 1095-C

After your year end closing you can print the form 1095-C. It will look like this:

Form 1095-C