Every business owner should know well about all the happenings in his company, from product manufacturing, purchasing, shipping, and any other processes that may complete their business. Mostly, total landed cost comes in the way and every businessman should know what factors or elements it is composed of. Let us take you a little bit closer about total landed cost and the factors linked to it. What is Total Landed Cost? Total Landed Cost or TLC is considered a vital computation that concerns every supply chain. To explain sensibly, total landed cost is the overall costs rendered from the manufacturing and product delivery up to the extent where you generate revenue from those products. Relying upon the field of industry you are in, the factors behind the total landed cost will significantly fluctuate. The main idea why total landed cost should be computed is to know both the visible and invisible expenses concerning the supply chain. When you are well knowledgeable of the accurate cost of a certain product, then you’ll be able to make wiser decisions on your future product investments. Here are some factors behind total landed cost:

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